Lab Publications

Keeler CV

A water rule that turns a blind eye to transboundary pollution

Keiser, D., S. Olmstead, K. Boyle, V. Flatt, B.L. Keeler, CL Kling, DJ Phaneuf, JS Shapiro, JP Shimshack

Reflections on crafting a policy toolkit for equitable green infrastructure

Derickson, K., M. Klein, B.L. Keeler

What type of value information is most valuable to stakeholders? Multi-sector perspectives on the utility and relevance of water valuation information

Handmaker, O., B.L. Keeler, D. Milz

Mapping a Path Towards Equity: Reflections on a Co-creative Community Praxis

Ehrman-Solberg K., B.L. Keeler, K. Derickson, K. Delegard

A Conservation Science Agenda for a Changing Upper Midwest and Great Plains, USA

Ahlering, M., M. Cornett, K. Blann, M. White, C. Lenhart, C. Dixon, M. Dudash, L. Johnson, B.L. Keeler, B. Palik, J. Pastor, R. Sterner, D. Shaw, R. Biske, N. Feeken, J. Manolis, H. Possingham

Advancing water equity demands new approaches to sustainability science

Keeler, B.L., K.D. Derickson, H. Waters, R. Walker

Rural household livelihood and plantation dependence in the central mountainous region of Hainan Island, China: Implications for poverty alleviation

Li, R., H. Zheng, C. Zhang, B.L. Keeler, L. Samberg, C Li, S. Polasky, Y Ni, Z Ouyang

It's Not Easy Being Green: Recognizing Unintended Consequences of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Taguchi, V., P. Weiss, J. Gulliver, M. Klein, R. Hozalski, L. Baker, J. Finlay, B.L. Keeler, J. Nieber

Ecosystem services of the earth’s largest freshwater lakes: Social and ecological drivers

Sterner, R., B.L. Keeler, S. Polasky, R. Poudel, K. Rhude, M. Rogers

What type of valuation information is most valuable to stakeholders? (2021)

By Handmaker, O., BL Keeler, D. Milz

Mainstream and heterodox approaches to water quality valuation: A case for pluralistic water policy analysis (2020)

By Keeler, B. L.

Putting people on the map improves the prioritization of ecosystem services (2019)

By Keeler, B.L. , Gourevitch, J. D., Hawthorne, P.L., Johnson, K.A., Noe, R. R.

Society is ready for a new kind of science - Is academia? (2017)

By Keeler, B.L., R. Chaplin-Kramer, A.D. Guerry, P.F.E. Addison, C. Bettigole, I.C. Burke, L. Chambliss…

The social cost of nitrogen (2016)

By Keeler, B.L., J. Gourevitch, S. Polasky, F. Isbell, C. Tessum, J. Hill, J. Marshall

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands provide ecosystem service benefits that exceed land rental costs (2016)

By Johnson, K.J, B. J. Dalzell, M. Donahue, J. Gourevitch, D. Johnson, G. Karlovits, B.L. Keeler, J. Smith

Linking water quality and human well-being for improved assessment and valuation of ecosystem services (2012)

By Keeler, B.L., S. Polasky, K. Brauman, K. Johnson, J. Finlay, A. O’Neill, K. Kovacs, B. Dalzell

Community-engaged scholarship for graduate students: Insights from the CREATE Scholars program

Keeler, B.L., K.D. Derickson, H.J. King, K.B. Leneman, A.F. Moskowitz, A. Mrutu, B. Nguyen, R.H. Walker

Climate change beliefs and vulnerability among farmers in the Upper Corn Belt

Davenport, M., A. Kreiter, K.A. Brauman, B.L. Keeler, J. Arbuckle, V. Sharma, R. Noe

High-resolution Climate Projections over Minnesota for the 21st Century

Liess, S., T.Twine, P. K Snyder, W. D. Hutchison, G. Konar-Steenberg, B.L. Keeler, K.A. Brauman

​​Improving the social cost of nitrous oxide

Kanter, D., Keeler, B.

The evolution of WOTUS and the role of economics

Keiser, D., S.M. Olmstead, K.J. Boyle, V.B. Flatt, B.L. Keeler, D.J. Phaneuf, J.S. Shapiro, and J.P. Shimshack