The Natural Capital Project, a 10-year partnership among the University of Minnesota, Stanford University, The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund, is at the forefront of developing interdisciplinary science that incorporates the value of natural capital and ecosystem services — the benefits nature provides to people — into decision-making.

Created and managed by Kate Derickson, PRAXIS Lab builds practice from informed theory. We center the politics of knowledge production in our scholarly inquiry and work towards producing knowledge for social transformation. We work under two guiding principles: practicing accountability to the communities with which we collaborate and the struggles we seek to resource, and working for the redistribution of the means of knowledge production.

At the Institute on the Environment (IonE), we envision a world in which sustainable agriculture feeds the world; renewable energy powers healthy homes, efficient transportation and flourishing businesses; every person has access to food, water and shelter; oceans, lakes and rivers are clean and healthy; communities have vibrant economies, neighborhoods and cultures; and thriving ecosystems support thriving economies and societies. Overall, humanity restores and renews resources for the benefit of all living things.

The Center for Changing Landscapes offers social science research services, conservation program evaluation, community assessment training, and research design assistance to natural resource agencies, nonprofit organizations, and communities in Minnesota and beyond. The Center’s researchers specialize in the use of interdisciplinary community-based research methods, innovative multi-methods evaluation, and inclusive project planning. A primary goal of the center is to empower communities and natural resource managers in inclusive and visionary planning and problem-solving for sustainable, livable, and equitable futures.