Professor Bonnie Keeler

Favorite Sandwich: Anything with lots of pickles

Secret Talent: Spoon carving

Lab areas of expertise: Environmental economics, food-water-energy policy, water resources and policy, environmental justice. 

See her full CV here. 

Dr. Bonnie Keeler Bonnie Keeler is an associate professor and Charles M. Denny Chair of environmental policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Keeler’s research evaluates the equity implications of environmental policies at state and regional levels, with a focus on water resources science and management. Keeler co-directs the Center for Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at the University of Minnesota and teaches courses in Environmental Economics, Food-Water-Energy Policy, and Policy Analysis. Keeler also directs the Beyond the Academy Network - a coalition of academic leaders seeking to reform university structures to promote more action-oriented engaged scholarship on sustainability.