Ryan Noe is a senior scientist in the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy area of the Humphrey School. He manages projects on water and land use, with a particular focus on co-developing actionable research with state agencies, conservation organizations, and policymakers in Minnesota. He also frequently works with the Natural Capital Project, where he contributes to the development of tools and methods to understand the biophysical, economic, and social consequences of changing land uses. Ryan has a background in geospatial analysis which he uses to model and map the public returns on invest from conservation activities, and to prioritize future investments. Ryan holds an M.S. in natural resource science and management from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in environmental studies from Carleton College.


Parcel Environmental Benefit Assessment Tool

Developed for the Legislative-Citizen Comission on Minnesota Resources, the Parcel Environmental Benefit Assessment Tool allows conservation practitions to quickly score a proposed acquisition accross 11 environmental benefit metrics, and compare it to hundreds of thousands of other parcels in the state.


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