Putting people on the map improves the prioritization of ecosystem services (2019)

By Keeler, B.L. , Gourevitch, J. D., Hawthorne, P.L., Johnson, K.A., Noe, R. R.

Social-ecological and technological factors moderate the value of urban nature (2019)

By Keeler, B. L., Hamel P., McPhearson T, Hamann M. H. … 

Using social media to understand drivers of urban park visitation in the Twin Cities, MN (2018)​

By Donahue, M.D., B.L. Keeler, S.A. Wood, D. Fisher, Z. Hamstead, T. McPhearson

Determining socially optimal rates of nitrogen fertilizer application (2018)

By Gourevitch, J., B.L. Keeler, T. Ricketts

Mainstreaming ecosystem services in state-level conservation planning: progress and future needs (2017)

By Noe, R., B.L. Keeler, M. Kilgore, S. Taff, S. Polasky

Society is ready for a new kind of science - Is academia? (2017)

By Keeler, B.L., R. Chaplin-Kramer, A.D. Guerry, P.F.E. Addison, C. Bettigole, I.C. Burke, L. Chambliss…

The social cost of nitrogen (2016)

By Keeler, B.L., J. Gourevitch, S. Polasky, F. Isbell, C. Tessum, J. Hill, J. Marshall

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands provide ecosystem service benefits that exceed land rental costs (2016)

By Johnson, K.J, B. J. Dalzell, M. Donahue, J. Gourevitch, D. Johnson, G. Karlovits, B.L. Keeler, J. Smith

Recreational demand for clean water: Evidence from geotagged photographs by visitors to lakes (2015)

By Keeler, B.L., S. Wood, S. Polasky, C. Kling, C. Filstrup, J. Downing

Land-use change and costs to rural households: A case study in groundwater nitrate contamination (2014)

By Keeler, B.L. and S. Polasky

Linking water quality and human well-being for improved assessment and valuation of ecosystem services (2012)

By Keeler, B.L., S. Polasky, K. Brauman, K. Johnson, J. Finlay, A. O’Neill, K. Kovacs, B. Dalzell

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