Rosemeyer, P. (2017, October). Cool morning, warm water[Photograph]. Flickr.

Access to safe water is essential for promoting health, recreation, and economic development. However, we systematically undervalue our water resources, leading to the overuse of water or degradation of water quality. Funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, Institute on the Environment, and Department of Forest Resources, this project aims to highlight potential risks and opportunities to protect water quality and provide public benefits. Using surveys, focus groups, environmental modeling, and economic assessments, we will identify financial practices or incentive programs that protect the value of clean water, and build capacity among citizens and decision-makers to take action in sourcewater protection areas to improve water quality.

For more on the value of clean water, view a Story Map created by Orli Handmaker on the value of drinking water protection in Minnesota.

Lead Investigator: Bonnie Keeler
Co-Investigators: Mae Davenport (CCL), Tannie Eshenaur (MDH)
Project Manager: Ryan Noe

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