Strakey, A. (2014, June). The Boundary Waters[Photograph]. Flickr.

How can we make smarter, more strategic investments of public funds that improve clean water and quality of life for all Minnesotans? Social and natural scientists from the Center for Changing Landscapes, Institute on the Environment, Natural Capital Project, and Water Resources Center are teaming up to advise the Minnesota Clean Water Council by surveying the diverse and multiple values Minnesotans place on clean water, and improving public awareness and accountability for fund expenditures. By understanding the diversity of water values throughout the state, we will provide insights on how to best spend limited public funds among competing objectives.


Lead Investigator: Bonnie Keeler
Co-Investigators: Mae Davenport (CCL), Eric Lonsdorf (NatCap), Steve Polasky (ApEc)
Project Manager: Ryan Noe

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