Allen, R. Water. (2008, June). [Photograph]. Flickr.

What will happen to our water resources in 2050 or 2100? Where will communities need to adapt to changing water availability through investments in irrigation or water re-use? This project uses advanced climate and vegetation models and high-resolution climate scenarios to identify how groundwater and surface water will change in Minnesota under a changing climate. The research will help identify potential costs to public and private sector entities that face threats due to changing water availability and management. Funded by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR), our work addresses gaps in previous water sustainability work through integrated biophysical and economic analysis of water sustainability in the state.

Read more about our work covered in the MN Daily.

Lead Investigator: Bonnie Keeler
Co-Investigators: Tracy Twine (Soil, Water, Climate) and Kate Brauman (IonE)
Project Manager: Ryan Noe

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