What is the North Shore to You?

By Annamarie Rutledge March 16, 2020 Northern Minnesota communities are deeply dependent on water resources for tourism, recreation, and industrial uses. Water and other natural resources in this region are changing because of shifts in climate and land management in ways that may affect the resilience of communities and the resources they depend upon. Funded by Minnesota Sea Grant and supported by the Natural Capital Project, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Center for Changing Landscapes, and Great Lakes Design Lab, this project sought to integrate biophysical, social, and economic data with partnerships including local units of government, regional resource managers, recreation and tourism professionals, and local business owners to meet the needs of key stakeholders. Generating Stakeholder Values Through Design How can we assess which water-related concerns and values are most important to stakeholders on Minnesota’s North Shore? Which priorities should be targeted to address the most pressing threats and

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